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Here’s how Facebook Groups could be so much better…

I use Groups on Facebook a lot. They’re a great way of sharing information without having to leave my favourite social network. It’s become increasingly common to have Facebook Groups for things like the course you’re doing at university, a hobby, clubs, and more. However, if any of these groups are relatively active, keeping a track of the information in them can be a nightmare. For this post, I felt like sharing my thoughts on how Facebook can make Groups even better. There’s incredible potential in Groups and it appears to be one of the under appreciated features as of late. I’ll talk about two types of Groups: the one I use for my Computer Science course at university and a popular group for hackathon attendees called Hackathon Hackers. I’ll discuss features I’d like to see in Groups and why the fact that they don’t exist is an issue.

Let’s start with something basic:

Admin rights


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What if Steam had mobile integration?

I was recently browsing through the App Store looking for some AAA titles to play on my phone when I came across XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Now, I already own XCOM on PC, it’s a fantastic game, but starting up my secondary computer just to play one mission is quite cumbersome, which is why I haven’t played it much. (Yes, I know this is a first-world problem, but for the sake of the post, let’s proceed).

That’s why playing XCOM on the iPhone made a lot of sense. On my daily commute I could just start up the game, play a single mission, and put the game away till my next ride. However, I realised that any progress I made on this iOS version of the game would not be synced across to my computer, and I’m not just talking about the save game file here, I’m talking about my achievements, play time, and other stats; ya’ know, things that make Steam so great. So, why doesn’t Steam have a platform for...

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Connecting the UK Student Tech Scene

When I came to study in London two years ago, I was expecting to find a Silicon Valley-esque scene; a hub for all things tech where people just wanted to build awesome things and create startups. Much to my surprise, there wasn’t one (or at least that’s what I initially thought). Even more so, the student tech scene at King’s didn’t really seem all that active. I was hoping to come across the likes of Google and Facebook at campus careers fairs and instead was greeted by several large financial institutions. Boring. Yet, given that it was the only visible path at the time, a lot of people didn’t really think of making the effort to look for tech companies or better yet just work on an awesome project of their own.

No tech scene? Let’s build one

That’s when a close friend and I decided to change things on campus; the KCL Tech Society was born. A society that aimed not only to bring...

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